Marseillan & a Lot of Languedoc

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How to be very very lazy in Marseillan and a lot of Languedoc Explore Languedoc from the oldest village in France. Marseillan is a very special place. From the folk tales behind every wind, and the secrets of the street signs; from the lonely lighthouse where a baker plotted to kill a president; from the tables where imaginative chefs serve inspiration on a plate to the mysteries of the lagoon, the alchemy of the vineyards and the long long miles of sandy beaches. This book is an entree to the wider world of Languedoc - it's Cathar castles and its vibrant cities; the Pezenas of Moliere and the Montpellier of Princes. The world of water jousting and dancing with the new wines, all explored from the safe harbour of Marseillan. After centuries selling wine to the world, the principal export of Marseillan is love at first sight. The story of the oldest village in France is one of buccaneers and true independent spirits, of a fisherman risking all to save a damsel in distress, of adventurers and farmers, of men of the soil and revolutionaries, of poets and feminists and the secret of James Bond's favourite tipple. But this book uses Marseillan as the starting point of a personal tour of an enchanting region. In what is part diary, part secret address book, the award-winning author Laurence Phillips shares his favourite places with gossip, witty observations and passion for the Languedoc lifestyle. Memories of local families, first impressions of strangers and plenty of tales learnt of long lingering lunches. Find the restaurant in Montpellier where you cook your own lunch in the kitchen, and meet a market stallholder in Beziers who will take your shopping and make you a meal then and there. Spend a week exploring the Canal du Midi, relive the ages of crusaders and Cathar heretics, discover a hidden Jewish heritage trail and find the seaside inspiration of a generation of impressionists and modern artists. Besides Marseillan's sights, sites and stories, discover over 150 places to eat & drink, 40 pages on the local wines & tipples. This insider's guide for travelling to and around the Languedoc includes 200 pages on other towns and villages across the region, two dozen beaches and has great ideas for City days in Montpellier, Sete, Agde, Beziers and more. Find simple quayside restaurants. Let lunch slip into supper and kiss your bonsoirs after another memorable bottle of wine.

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