The Adventures of a Three Guinnea Watch

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by Talbot Baines Reed. Talbot Baines Reed is widely regarded as the inventor of the boarding school adventure story. Long before Hogwarts and generations before Jennings, Reed's tales of intrigue, mystery sneaking out of dormitories at midnight and triumph on the sports field were the staple diet of schoolboys around the world. Arguably the most original story of all is this gripping and entertaining yarn of life at school and beyond, told from the point of view of a young pocket watch - a going away present, given to the hero Charlie when he first goes to school. We see Charlie and the watch's later owners as they deal with bullies and secrets, crime and punishment, even war and adventure across the far seas. A real page turner - back to inspire and entertain a whole new generation of readers. To be published in 2011 - more details online soon
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