Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes

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by Robert Louis Stevenson The classic and much loved 19th century travelogue by the author of Treasure Island is the evergreen story of one man's journey across the wild mountainous heart of France in the company of Modestine, a donkey with a personality as broad as the dramatic landscapes of the Languedoc and beyond. This new edition features a guide for the modern traveller keen to follow in the footsteps (and hoof prints) of the original adventurers. Packed with restaurant reviews and details of hotels, guesthouses and even camp sites. Tips for following the route on foot, by car, even in a wheelchair or with a walking frame - and especially with a donkey. This new edition, on the 130th anniversary of the original publication, reveals the present day prospect of delicious meals in inns and taverns, welcome’s to dream about in delightful hotels, guesthouses and even monasteries, with sensible advice for everyone passing through or hiking the original route - whether travelling with a donkey, strolling with the family and friends, walking the dogs, or even cheating and exploring the glorious Lozère in a car. Learn how to hire a donkey, in order to retrace the journey in the spirit of the pioneers. Welcomes for donkeys and dogs at all eating and sleeping listings are sorted carrot and bone ratings!. There are even listings of villages on route with masseurs and physiotherapists for those unaccustomed to the excercise! With this unique edition of a literary classic, you can gaze out at the view from the breakfast table and share Robert Louis Stevenson’s reflections on the same scene more than a century ago. "What a thing it is to be young, to be super-refined, to load a donkey with all one's belongings. This is the last whim of exquisite youth." - Fraser's Magazine "Bursting with life to this day" - New York Times "Delightful" - Sunday Times Euro Price €12 from bookshops in France Free Standard Delivery to UK
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