Crumbs From My Seder Plate

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Passover verses by Laurence Phillips "A great book. Witty and loving." -Jewish News A ha'penny haggadah at a sixpenny seder; this entertaining collection of seasonal verse includes affectionate tributes to Edward Lear and AA Milne and poignant reflections on a family festival. A perfect seder night gift and a book to treasure, an adult's wry appreciation of cherished childhood, from this popular poet, author and broadcaster. “A wonderful book. Full of affection. A great little addition to your family's Seder night reading, whether you are six years old or sixty" - The Jewish Chronicle "Gentle and witty. Homage to the greats of every child's bookshelf sits alongside tender and touching reflections on the season's legacy. And family relationships, shrewd glances at the lot of a Jewish housewife during the festive season, the gastric effects of a diet of matzo and a celebration of tradition and ritual is served with the author's trademark easy humour and gentle wordplay. Crumbs From My Seder Plate is a neat little volume to treasure year round." - The Canada Post "This is such a lovely little book of zany, comic (sometimes touching) rhymes, verses and parodies by Laurence Phillips in the style of AA Milne, Edward Lear, et al, all about Pesach, the Haggadah and Seder night. It will appeal at least as much to adults as to children." - "A family favourite in the making" - "This is the sort of book that makes you want to hug your family." - Waterstones Free Standard Postage in the UK
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